Fresh Bigoli with Garlic Butter & Parmiggiano

Fresh Bigoli in Garlic Butter

Bigoli is one of the finest ways to experience fresh pasta. A “thick” spaghetti that shines with simple sauces. This is an alternate take on the traditional Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, and inspired by one of my daughter’s favorite ways to eat her fresh pasta.

Lavender Chocolate Drops Rolled in Sea-Salted Maple Sugar

Lavender Chocolate Drops Maple Sugar

These chocolate drops will delight chocolate lovers with a touch of floral notes, and maple. The lavender is quite subtle, but noticeable enough to add a sense of mystery to this simple, yet exquisite dessert. As for the sea-salted maple sugar, it speaks for itself.

Chicken with Leek and White Wine Sauce over Microgreens

Chicken and Leeks over Microgreens

A very savory dish that is perfect for a weekend night with a nice glass of your favorite white wine. The microgreens add a nice contrast and freshness to the dish.

Wild Rice with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Bison

Wild Rice with Mushrooms and Bison

A recipe that combines some of America’s finest wild ingredients. Comforting and soulful — the complex flavors and highly nutritious ingredients will leave you satisfied, but never full.

Cream Layered Potatoes with Caramelized Shallots

Potatoes with Creme Fraiche and Caramelized Shallots

These potatoes make an elegant and great side dish for a favorite grilled item. Delicious potato taste paired with the slight tang of the Crème Fraiche, and the buttery-savory goodness of the caramelized shallots.

Crispy Polenta with Goat Cheese & Chives

Crispy Polenta with Goat Cheese

This crispy polenta is guaranteed to please even those who are not fans of polenta. Crispy and salty on the outside, soft and slightly sweet on the inside — plus a little tang from the goat cheese and chives. A side that works with most meats and/or greens.